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Our Philosophy

Life, health and happiness

We encourage, educate and support those individuals with a desire to establish or regain a higher level of health and wellness. Our service to others, as we aim to help them reach their health goals, draws from a specific knowledge of foods, supplements and holistic nutrition. We help others navigate through the abundance of dietary, nutritional and product information in order to address their wants and needs.

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Nutrition Corner

with Adele Fawcett, ROHP/RNCP
Eat for your Microbiome!

What is a microbiome anyway? A microbiome is the collective community of microbes, bacteria and yeasts that live inside and on your body. Essentially your microbiome encompasses probiotics and microbes. Although humans share common species and types of these microbes, your microbiome is unique to you like a fingerprint. It changes and evolves from your […]

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